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Hi, I'm Rob Vanderydt

Having grown up in the small town of Bothwell, I am proud to still call it my home. The small-town values I learnt as a child and the memories it created; I was able to pass down to my children. Being part of a community where teamwork and commitment is a part of life, helped shape me into the person I am today.  
As a former professional hockey player , business owner, hockey coach of 25 years and as an executive member of different hockey/community associations have provided me with the strong attributes and qualities it takes to become a great realtor.  My past experiences have
enabled me to understand what it takes to work with others to reach a common goal.  This is the reason why I decided to have a career in real estate.  I enjoy working with others to help reach the expectations they deserve.  Working together to understand your needs/wants to sell
or purchase requires teamwork.  Let’s become a team together to reach the results you expect!!! 

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